Bronze Grave Markers

Does your cemetery require a bronze marker?  Save time, money and stress by ordering online.  Be sure to verify that your selection meets the cemetery's requirements.  

Typically bronze cemeteries require a granite base that is 2" larger than the bronze marker itself.  For example a 24x14 bronze will need a 28x18 base.  It is also common for the base to be at least 4" thick.    

You are not to required to purchase your bronze grave marker through the cemetery but you may be required to submit the design for their approval and pay an installation fee. 

All granite bases are all natural rock and being so grains may vary.  Our granite comes with an iron clad lifetime guarantee that it will not fade, crack or discolor due to natural causes.  We are not liable for damage to the stone caused by the cemetery.  Weather, growth and other elements may cause the appearance of the granite to alter but a good cleaning will restore it to its natural state.  We recommend adding a biocide cleaner & preventative to the memorial for prolonged protection.