About Us

Don't pay more when your family has already lost so much. Allow The Memorial Man the honor of coming alongside your family in its deepest time of need.  Together we can create the perfect headstone for your loved one.  

I am a Central VA local who has done work for various Corporations and Governing Bodies including StoneMor Corp., Maryland Vietnam Veteran Memorial, Charles County Sheriff's Office, Arlington National Cemetery and the Archdiocese of Maryland. I have experience providing professional and personable service to various cultures.

I began my journey in the memorial industry in 2005 when I was taught how to hand engrave headstones using rubber stencil by my Father in Law. As mentioned above we traveled all over Virginia, Maryland and DC engraving and installing headstones. In 2012 I was diagnosed with FSHD (a form of Muscular Dystrophy) and my ability to engrave memorials faded.

This unfortunate turn of events had a silver lining. I took a step back and began working with families directly to design and memorialize their loved ones. While working with these families I learned of a serious disconnect between the industry professionals and the families they served. Especially in the corporate cemetery world. Families were feeling cheated and taken advantage of.

This prompted me to launch The Memorial Man in September of 2020. My mission is to save families from the clutches of evil corporate cemeteries and funeral homes.

I am empathetic and compassionate. I do not believe that families should have to spend a small fortune to memorialize their loved ones.
John Holmes said "There's no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and picking people up" and I believe this to be true, especially in times of sorrow.

The Memorial Man
3083 Spotswood Trail Ste E, Barboursville VA 22923