Gray Granite Single Upright Headstone with Flower Vase

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Gray Granite Single Upright Headstone with Flower Vase

Includes 50 letters and design.

Combination single upright headstone with flower vase. All natural blue ridge gray granite headstone monument.

2-0x0-6x2-0 Die 3-0x0-6x1-0 Base 10x4 Turned Flower Vase Add an optional 6" Ceramic Photo Please choose your design from the additional photos.  Photo comes with unconditional lifetime warranty.


We will provide a drawing of what the memorial will look like after you have placed your order.


Each stone is made to order in the exact layout of your approved drawing. Please note that the granite is all natural and varies in coloration and grain.


Verify with your cemetery that the memorial meets their requirements and standards. You will need to find a local company or coordinate with the cemetery to assist you in this matter if purchased outside of our service area. If you need assistance please reach out to us and we can help you through it.

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