Gray Granite Single Upright Cemetery Headstone Memorial

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Gray Granite Single Upright Headstone Memorial

Includes 50 letters and design

24x6x24 Upright Headstone Blue Ridge Granite.

Top 24x6x24 Base 36x12x6

Thinking About You Always Memorials "We are always thinking about you"

Don't pay more when you've already lost so much. Allow us the honor of helping your family in its deepest time of need. When choosing a memorial online be sure to verify with your cemetery that the headstone you are choosing will meet their requirements. The cemetery may have their own fees associated with receiving and installing monuments. In most cases our headstones can still save families hundreds of dollars.

We ship directly to the cemetery or a place of business capable of receiving the memorial. Each stone is designed and engraved with unmatched quality to be as unique as the person it's memorializing. Our headstones are quarry direct ensuring cemetery standards are met and allowing the savings to be passed on to the families we serve. "There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting someone up" -John Holmes

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